AutoID & Data Capture Report

Cubed: An Introduction to the Global Dimensioning Solutions Market

by Shahroze Husain, with Richa Gupta, and David Krebs, September 2016

Dimensioning solutions (also known as cubing solutions) are data capture devices that utilize multiple technologies to enable data capture, and cubing of objects and items. These solutions have the potential to be integrated through various stages and solutions in the logistics value chain and are available in a number of form factors with various underlying technologies including and not limited to laser, infrared light, cameras, and ultrasound with vendors continuously researching new ways to enhance the dimensioning process.

Dimensioning solutions have evolved greatly over the past several years and are critical to logistics-related organizations, supporting applications ranging from space optimization to dimensional-based pricing models. Based on a recently conducted VDC survey, 43% of respondents involved in the warehousing and distribution space reported currently supporting parcel/carton dimensioning with 30% planning to support dimensioning of items in the future.

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