The Global Market for Handheld Barcode Scanners

by Andy Adelson, with David Krebs, August 2019

What questions are addressed?

  • Imager adoption is rapidly increasing across industries and regions. What are the different directions vendors are taking in their product and market development? What strategic opportunities and competitive threats does this pose for a given vendor?

  • How do vendors need to alter their product and market development strategies to compete in this highly commoditized marketplace?

  • What regions and vertical markets will be the next growth centers for handheld barcode offerings? How is the Value Tier spreading from China to other newly emerging markets, and will this impact the major geographic regions?

  • Are traditional handheld barcode scanner manufacturers and their strategies being affected by the rise of consumer-grade device usage in select industries?

  • What is the impact of all the market consolidation on vendor share and competitive tactics?

Vendors listed in this report

CipherLab Code Corporation Cognex Datalogic Dematech Denso Wave Honeywell Newland Digital Omron (Microscan) Opticon Unitech Socket Mobile Zebex Zebra Technologies

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