AutoID & Data Capture Report

Dimensioning Solutions Market Report

by Shahroze Husain, with Richa Gupta, and David Krebs, December 2016

What questions are addressed?

  • What regions and vertical market segments present the greatest growth opportunities for dimensioning systems? 

  • What innovations in this market will provide vendors with growth potential in the future?

  • What applications are driving dimensioning system adoption?

  • How close are mobile dimensioning systems to reality?

  • What are the constraints and drivers to end users' dimensioning systems investments?

  • How do solution providers see the dimensioning system product and market evolving?

Vendors Mentioned in this Report

CubiScan, Datalogic, Ishida, Mettler Toledo, ParcelCube, Postea (QubeVu), Rice Lake, SICK, VITRONI, Walz

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