Dimensioning Solutions Market Report

by Shahroze Husain, with Richa Gupta, and David Krebs, December 2016

What questions are addressed?

  • What regions and vertical market segments present the greatest growth opportunities for dimensioning systems? 
  • What innovations in this market will provide vendors with growth potential in the future?
  • What applications are driving dimensioning system adoption?
  • How close are mobile dimensioning systems to reality?
  • What are the constraints and drivers to end users' dimensioning systems investments?
  • How do solution providers see the dimensioning system product and market evolving?

List of Exhibits

  • Exhibit 1: Does your organization currently use dimensioning solutions to support everyday operations?
  • Exhibit 2: What are the leading drivers for your investment in dimensioning solutions?
  • Exhibit 3: What are the barriers for your organization’s investments for dimensioning systems?
  • Exhibit 4: What percentage of items dimensioned using your dimensioning investments are cubical versus irregular in shape?
  • Exhibit 5: By the end of 2017, what change do you expect to the total installed base of dimensioning
  • systems within your entire organization?
  • Exhibit 6: Respondent deployment status by vertical
  • Exhibit 7: Dimensioning solution deployment by application environment
  • Exhibit 8: What is the primary form factor of dimensioning solution your organization has deployed?
  • Exhibit 9: End-user deployment by primary dimensioning technology
  • Exhibit 10: Has your organization faced any of the following issues when using dimensioning solutions?
  • Exhibit 11: Primary form factor deployment by workflow/application
  • Exhibit 12: Primary technology deployment by workflow/application
  • Exhibit 13: From where did your organization purchase its dimensioning solutions?
  • Exhibit 14: When evaluating dimensioning solutions, which of thefollowing represent the TOP THREE selection criteria?
  • Exhibit 15: Vendor Selection Criteria
  • Exhibit 16: Which vendor’s dimensioning solutions are deployed at your organization?
  • Exhibit 17: Most familiar brands for dimensioning solutions among respondents

Vendors Mentioned in this Report

CubiScan, Datalogic, Ishida, Mettler Toledo, ParcelCube, Postea (QubeVu), Rice Lake, SICK, VITRONI, Walz

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