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Partnership Expands Between Peak Technologies and B2M Solutions for Enterprise Mobility

by Rowan Litter | 1/19/2022

Today, B2M Solutions, a global enterprise mobile software company, announced an expansion of its partnership with Peak Technologies, a leading provider of end-to-end supply chain solutions, system integration, and managed services for enterprise mobility. With this partnership expansion, Peak Technologies will bundle B2M’s Elemez software suite as part of Peak Mobile Insights, the company’s managed service offering for enterprise customers.

In an era of digital transformation and data collection, mobile devices are critical tools for enterprises to understand what is going on in their operations and improve worker productivity. Additionally, a minute of downtime can impact productivity on a huge scale. Mobile analytics solutions and managed services give enterprises the capabilities to completely monitor mobile assets and reduce downtime through quick responses when issues may arise.

Not all organizations are enthusiastic about BYOD policies. About 14% of respondents indicated their organization does not have a current BYOD program nor plans to launch one. A small but noteworthy 3.5% indicated their organization had plans to reduce or eliminate their existing BYOD program for delivery drivers. Top reasons indicated by those who will not be ramping up their BYOD programs include: security concerns, the need to monitor devices, and quality concerns regarding low-end devices. While these concerns are legitimate, they can be quashed by establishing robust policies surrounding BYOD and selecting the right partners, such as a Mobile Device Management (MDM) provider to ensure device security and visibility do not suffer as a result of BYOD adoption. Concerns about low-end devices can be eliminated altogether by setting clear standards for device specifications or limiting allowable devices to only those which can be trusted to handle the expected workload.

B2M’s Elemez Product Suite has three core offerings for Android and Windows devices: Essentials, Core, and Core APIs. Elemez Essentials gives enterprises the ability to real-time monitor the health of batteries and devices to detect, understand and fix issues before they escalate. Elemez Core gives diagnostic and machine learning-powered trend analysis for mobile devices, batteries, applications, and cellular or WiFi networks that is displayed on a web dashboard with drill-down capabilities. Finally, with Elemez Core APIs, enterprises can integrate 3rd party data and Business Intelligence tools for real-time analytic insights and alerts to enhance operations and web portals.

With mobile device and application deployments at an all-time high in the enterprise today, organizations end up reacting to unexpected problems, after they arise. The Peak Mobile Insights managed service offering gives enterprises real-time mobile device data, with the goal of preemptive actions to mobile concerns. Peak Mobile Insights also provides expert support to develop systems with customizable detailed insights for the unique needs of an enterprise. In VDC’s 2021 Enterprise Buyer Behavior survey, 24.20% of respondents indicated they have already adopted an analytics package, while 59.10% plan to evaluate an analytics package over the next 12-24 months. Partnerships between solution providers and managed service providers, such as B2M Solutions and Peak Technologies help enterprises derive the most value from analytics packages and eases the deployment process.”

In regards to the partnership expansion, Gary Lee, Chief Revenue Officer at B2M Solutions says, “We are pleased to support [Peak Technologies] in their growth plans which include leveraging Elemez’ real-time intelligence on the health and usage of mobile devices and apps to provide proactive intelligence for their customers.” Tim Wills, Chief Marketing Officer at Peak Technologies says, “Leveraging the market-leading Elemez offering into our Peak Mobile Insights platform ensures Peak’s managed services customers have a web-based portal to provide critical, real-time, actionable insights on device health and usage.”

B2M Solutions and Peak Technologies are both featured in VDC Research’s upcoming report, From Battery Monitoring to Application Performance and Network Persistence – How Analytics Are Transforming the Acuity of Enterprise Mobility Solutions. For more information or interest in custom research services, please e-mail info@vdcresearch.com.