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The Impact of Recent Acquisitions on Peak Technologies’ Future Outlook

by Greg Amador | 6/8/2022

Peak Technologies is one of the market leaders in the AIDC space, offering digital supply chain solutions utilizing enterprise printing, labeling, mobile data collection and a full suite of lifecycle and managed services. Peak focuses on end markets such as manufacturing, wholesale distribution, e-commerce, transportation, and logistics and retail. In April 2021, Peak Technologies was acquired by Sole Source Capital, a private equity firm that thematically invests in fragmented, high-growth industrial subsectors. Sole Source seeks founder-owned businesses or corporate carve-outs that will benefit from the team’s operating and M&A capabilities. Sole Source Capital has a strong operating heritage that enables it to execute a buy and build strategy with significant downside protection.

Sole Source Capital is headquartered in Dallas, Texas with offices in Santa Monica, California. Under Sole Source ownership, Peak Technologies has been rapidly expanding, acquiring 6 companies in one year. These acquisitions have grown Peak’s geographic footprint, diversified its portfolio and expanded its end markets.

April 2021: Sole Source acquires Optical Phusion (OPI).
Headquartered in Littleton, Massachusetts, OPI was acquired simultaneously with Peak. They are a solution provider of AIDC hardware and software solutions primarily centered on the grocery, pharmacy, and retail markets. OPI presents an important shift into the retail vertical for Peak through their click and collect lockers for grocery and pharmacy applications, self-service kiosks and enterprise mobility expertise. While Peak has built a strong presence in the retail space, it is mostly through back office solutions in the supply chain; thus, OPI provides Sole Source and Peak unique capabilities through their front office and in store solutions.

May 2021: Sole Source acquires Inovity, Inc.
Inovity is headquartered in Atlanta, GA., and primarily resells AIDC labels, media, and hardware for healthcare, manufacturing, and industrial markets. Inovity is an important geographical partner for Peak through their Southeastern market ties. While Peak historically has had success with large enterprise customers, Inovity provides an important bridge into their strong mid-market regional enterprise customers.

May 2021: Sole Source acquires Barcode Direct.
Barcode Direct is headquartered in Littleton, MA, strengthening their ties in the Northeast markets. They are a reseller of AIDC solutions for manufacturing, retail, consumer, and healthcare markets. This acquisition provided Peak with new, unique capabilities not offered before, including call button solutions for retail, as well as two-way radios and a strong integrator of Motorola Solutions products.

August 2021: Sole Source acquires DBK Concepts, Inc.
DBK Concepts is headquartered in Miami, Florida, and offers end-to-end AIDC hardware and lifecycle repair services which it primarily sells to large enterprise customers in the grocery, consumer, retail, and supply chain end markets. DBK brings a new capability to Peak’s portfolio through their large repair operation. This provides a larger infrastructure for Peak to handle repair and mobile managed service offerings.

January 2022: Sole Source acquires Avalon Integration.
Avalon is headquartered in Lebanon, New Jersey. They are a systems integrator and provider of digital supply chain, retail, and mobile workforce solutions. Primary customers are enterprise-level organizations in the healthcare, pharmaceutical, grocery, and consumer channels. Their emphasis on solutions for manufacturing and pharmaceutical markets, as well as their SAP expertise, provides unique capabilities to Peak’s portfolio.

April 2022: Sole Source acquires Graphic Label.
Graphic Label is headquartered in Yakima, WA. They offer AIDC consumables, hardware, and software solutions. They primarily sell to consumers in the food and beverage industry. This presented Peak Technologies with its first West Coast acquisition, as well as a partner who provided specialty print solutions and an expertise in food and agriculture labeling and tracking.

With these acquisitions, Peak has established itself as one of the market leaders in the AIDC space. According to Tim Wills, Chief Marketing Officer at Peak Technologies, these acquisitions will have a significant and immediate impact on Peak’s success. It extends Peak’s ability to be a large-scale lifecycle services depot repair partner, which extends Peak’s traditional strength in onsite repair services. This also presents international opportunities, with many of these acquisitions having customers who have international operations, which allows Peak to leverage its Peak Technologies UK division to assist in international deployments.

Moving forward, Wills notes, “Peak will continue to organically and inorganically develop our current portfolio, taking our expertise into various adjacent application and vertical market segments to develop new customer relationships and further strengthen current relationships. We will continue to grow what is already present in our portfolio, as well as proactively expand not just our geographic footprint, but our digital supply chain and mobile workforce solutions within the industry.”