AutoID & Data Capture Report

Enterprise Barcode Labeling

by Richa Gupta, with David Krebs, January 2021

Inside This Report
This report analyzes key requirements and investment considerations for enterprise labeling solutions, and presents VDC’s perspective on how enterprise customers are considering, evaluating, and ultimately purchasing labeling solutions. We also discuss the combination of Loftware and NiceLabel, a move which will have strong implications on the competitive landscape. With an aim to present the underlying costs associated with labeling errors, the focus of our end user research (featuring 150 enterprise end user respondents from North America) has been on those to whom it matters the most from the standpoint of lost dollars and diminished brand equity, namely organizations with considerable labeling-related operations and investments.

Solution Providers Listed in this Report
Avery Dennison, Honeywell, IBM, Infor, Innovatum, Loftware, Microsoft Dynamics, NiceLabel (now combined with Loftware), Oracle, Printronix AutoID, SAP, Seagull Scientific, TEKLYNX