Meet the VDC Team

David KrebsDavid Krebs

Executive VP, Enterprise Mobility & Connected Devices

David has more than ten years experience covering the markets for enterprise and government mobility solutions, wireless data communication technologies and automatic data-capture research and consulting. David focuses on identifying the key drivers and enablers in the adoption of mobile and wireless solutions among mobile workers in the extended enterprise. David’s consulting and strategic advisory experience is far reaching and includes technology and market opportunity assessments, technology penetration and adoption enablers, partner profiling and development, new product development and M&A due diligence support. David has extensive primary market research management and execution experience to support market sizing and forecasting, total cost of ownership (TCO), comparative product performance evaluation, competitive benchmarking and end user requirements analysis. David is a graduate of Boston University (BSBA).
David Krebs  |  @VDC_Mobility

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Chris Rommel Chris Rommel

Executive VP, IoT & Embedded Technology

Chris is responsible for syndicated research and consulting engagements focused on development and deployment solutions for intelligent systems. He has helped a wide variety of clients respond to and capitalize on the leading trends impacting next-generation device markets, such as security, the Internet of Things, and M2M connectivity as well as the growing need for system-level lifecycle management solutions. Chris has also led a range of proprietary consulting projects, including competitive analyses, strategic marketing initiative support, ecosystem development strategies, and vertical market opportunity assessments. Chris holds a B.A. in Business Economics and a B.A. in Public and Private Sector Organization from Brown University.
Chris Rommel  |  @Chris_Rommel

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Steve Hoffenberg Steve Hoffenberg

Director, IoT & Embedded Technology

Steve is a market research professional who brings his expertise to Embedded Software for Security and The Internet of Things. He has more than two decades of experience in market research and product management for technology products and services. Prior to joining VDC, he spent 10 years as Director of Consumer Imaging and Consumer Electronics Research at the firm Lyra Research, where he led industry advisory services providing extensive research on consumer technology trends, user adoption, market sizing, marketing strategy, and competitive analysis for major consumer electronics manufacturers. Previously, he worked in product management for electronic design companies that developed and licensed embedded digital imaging and audio products. Steve holds an MS degree from the Rochester Institute of Technology and a BA degree from the University of Vermont.
Steve Hoffenberg  |  @SteveHoffenberg

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Richa GuptaRicha Gupta

Director, AutoID & Data Capture

Richa is responsible for VDC’s strategic research on the global markets for data capture technologies including barcode scanners and printers, and machine vision solutions among others. Data capture hardware vendors and solution providers leverage her expertise in the AIDC market for key market development initiatives, with the highly actionable data and insights helping formulate their long-term business strategies. She undertakes market opportunity sizing and forecasting, competitive landscape analysis, and strategic marketing assistance while also providing valuable thought leadership for this technology market segment. Richa holds a degree in Computer Engineering and an MBA from India.
Richa Gupta  |  @VDC_AutoID

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Eric Klein Eric Klein

Director, Mobile Software, Enterprise Mobility & Connected Devices

Eric Klein is a market research and consulting professional who specializes in the design, analysis, and delivery of project-based research. Over the past 15 years, Eric has worked with a wide array of firms across a number of industries, leading quantitative and qualitative research in areas such as innovation in enterprise software, supply chain risk management, manufacturing operations/automation, and IT spending research. Eric has worked in a variety of market research and management roles, providing market data and competitive intelligence to Fortune 500 firms. His previous employers include: AMR Research, The Yankee Group, and Affiliated Computer Services (ACS). Eric holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Finance from Boston University.
Eric Klein  |  @Eakleiner

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Andre Girard Andre' Girard

Senior Analyst, IoT & Embedded Technology

Andre’ Girard brings a valuable perspective to the market research and consulting of the M2M Embedded Software & Tools team, having previously covered connected devices for both the Telecom and Embedded Hardware practices at VDC. His primary areas of expertise are lifecycle management solutions, Agile development, and cross-domain engineering integration. André’s M2M technology background includes opportunity sizing and forecasting, market and technology assessments, competitive analysis, strategic marketing assistance, and M&A due diligence support. He also gained important experience as an independent consultant covering telecommunications and the smart grid. André holds a B.A. (magna cum laude) from Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts.
Andre’ Girard  |  @AndreAtVDC

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Dan MandellDan Mandell

Senior Analyst, IoT & Embedded Technology

Dan supports a variety of syndicated market research programs and custom engagements in the IoT and Embedded Technology practices. He leads the research services for IoT gateways, embedded processors, and other computing hardware in addition to supporting programs such as embedded/real-time operating systems. Daniel also develops, programs, and manages end-user surveys to embedded engineers and uncovers useful and interesting insights regarding buyer behaviors, technology adoption, and device/application requirements. His working relationship with VDC dates back to 2005 and includes stints with Business Development as well as the AutoID practice. Daniel holds a B.S. in Information Systems Management from Bridgewater State University.
Dan Mandell  |  @DanMandell

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Cameron RocheJared Weiner

Senior Analyst, Industrial Automation & Sensors

Jared supports all of the Industrial Automation and Sensors practice’s major research programs and is a contributor on custom research and consulting engagements. His major areas of coverage include the connected factory, data acquisition, and other topics related to the Industrial Internet of Things. Jared was previously a member of VDC’s Embedded Software & Tools practice, where his coverage included embedded operating systems, embedded systems security, software development tools, and other related topics. Prior to re-joining VDC, Jared led the market research function at Trillium Software, a leading vendor of enterprise data quality software. He has additional research experience in education and financial services. Jared received an MBA from Babson College in 2007, and graduated from Bentley College in 2002 with a BS in Information Design and Corporate Communication.
Jared Weiner

J. Eric Gulliksen J. Eric Gulliksen

Senior Analyst Emeritus, Industrial Automation & Sensors

Eric has been a lead analyst in VDC's Embedded Hardware practice for fifteen years. Prior to joining the firm, he worked in industry for over thirty years, half in the Engineering field and half in Sales and Marketing. Eric has international experience in twenty-three countries, and has been awarded seventeen US Patents. He has conducted market research in all aspects of Embedded Hardware including Boards, Systems, Processors and MEMS, and developed several of the analysis tools currently in use in the EHW practice. Eric has earned several degrees including an MBA from Clark University.
J. Eric Guliksen

Roy Murdock

Roy Murdock

Analyst, IoT & Embedded Technology

Roy has a passion for new technologies of all sorts. His work experience in Afghanistan and Ghana has exposed him to a range of challenging and unconventional business environments in emerging markets. Roy’s research background includes data-backed product management plans and comprehensive reports on bleeding edge technologies, such as virtual currencies. He enjoys camping, kayaking, and traveling. He also spent a year studying at the London School of Economics. Roy holds a B.S. in Business Administration from Babson College.
Roy Murdock  |  @RoyMurdock

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Shahroze Husain

Shahroze Husain

Analyst, AutoID & Data Capture

Shahroze supports a variety of syndicated research and custom consulting engagements for the AutoID & Data Capture practice, analyzing market opportunities, product requirements, solution selection criteria, pricing, and other critical trends. Shahroze brings with him experience in operations, market research, and custom consulting projects to the AIDC practice. His prior experience includes market research and consulting projects for Jansen AG and Boston Scientific. He has lived in several countries, including Bangladesh, India, and the UK, where he studied Law at the University of Exeter. Shahroze graduated magna cum laude from Babson College with a concentration in Entrepreneurship.
Shahroze Husain  |  @ShahrozeH

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Shahroze Husain

Spencer Gisser

Research Associate, Enterprise Mobility & Connected Devices

Spencer is a market research and consulting professional within VDC’s Enterprise Mobility and Connected Devices practice, supporting both syndicated research and custom engagements. Prior to joining VDC, Spencer conducted in-depth market analysis at cybersecurity company Covata. Spencer also founded and moderates /r/Security, a 24,000-person online forum enabling the cybersecurity industry. Spencer holds a B.A. in Government from Harvard University.
Spencer Gisser