Case Studies


The client developed a white paper using the content we provided, and identified VDC as the independent third-party source. The whitepapers were distributed at major tradeshows, used in email and web lead generation campaigns and given to sales teams to facilitate discussions with prospects. Read more


Our client, a leading mobile technology platform provider, sought greater market awareness regarding the business environment that their solution addressed. This client felt that a study produced by an independent third-party would help give credence to their message. Furthermore, they had an ongoing marketing initiative to drive more qualified leads to support their external sales force. Ideally, these leads would come from organizations that understood the issues surrounding the technology choices and were in need of guidance. Read more


Our client, their experienced community of OEMs and their growing community of ISVs were successfully developing products / solutions optimized for their customers’ needs. However, at the same time, a number of technical and commercial issues were shuffling investment priorities and customer preferences in their markets. Our client wanted a qualified industry analyst to provide on-site training for key (internal and partner) personnel on the latest trends and customer opportunities and requirements in their core markets. Read more

Target Markets

Our client was the recognized leader in their industry, but as their served markets matured, they sought to explore opportunities in new market segments. Many of the market segments they studied did not have requirements or needs that their current solution could address. As a result, they needed recommendations on where else their solutions might prove marketable, if these opportunities would be profitable and if changes to their product portfolio would be necessary. Read more

Product Roadmaps

After two years of poor performance in what they suspected was a large and healthy market, our client wanted to identify if there was a misalignment between their product offering and approach to the market. Specifically, they wanted to know if the market was indeed as big as they thought, if its growth potential was consistent with their own forecasts, and why customers were not adopting their product as quickly as they had anticipated. Additionally, if VDC determined that they didn’t have the right offering, they needed a plan to evolve their product roadmap in a way that was both feasible and responsive to the market requirements. Read more

Channel Strategies

Our client was a longstanding market share leader with one of the highest brand recognition rates in their industry, but growth opportunities in their core markets were increasingly hard to identify. The company had responded to this challenge with a variety of channel-development initiatives, which ultimately led to enormous channel complexity. In particular, the company, its channel members, and its end-users were struggling with a variety of issues related to pricing and discounting. Our client wanted to know the overall importance of pricing and the impact their discounting policies were having on their position as the share and brand leader. Read more