Research Methodology

Research Methodology

1) Rigorous Primary Research: Our team of analysts utilizes a comprehensive research methodology, leveraging primary research channels to create both bottoms-up and top-down influenced research models. Annual and quarterly in-depth interviews with more than 100 leading and emerging enterprise vendors and surveys soliciting feedback from hundreds of solution providers and more than 1000 end users represent the foundation of our market analyses and projections.

2) Channel Checks and Data Validation: A vast amount of data from various sources feeds into VDC’s market and forecast models. Ensuring accuracy is critical, and VDC analysts rely on a variety of channel checks, vendor validation, and trend reference to ensure validity and provide the necessary transparency to our methodologies.

3) Secondary Sources: VDC adapts numerous secondary resources including macro-economic indicators, regulatory agencies and industry trade associations, financial filings, and M&A activity among others to provide the most well-rounded insights.