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Need to Strengthen Your Engineering Skillset?

We have discussed a great many embedded development trends and challenges in this space in recent months. Fromsecurity concerns to the continued adoption of multicore and the importance of adhering to certification standards in certain industries, there is no shortage of complications impacting today’s embedded engineers.

As embedded development becomes increasingly complicated, it is imperative that engineers stay up-to-speed on all the latest trends and techniques, particularly as leading embedded hardware and software vendors continue to integrate cutting-edge technology and functionality into their solutions. For engineers, training sessions provide an opportunity to strengthen skills through lectures, hands-on sessions, and the shared experiences of other engineers.

Our friends at Barr Group will be offering such an opportunity in just a few weeks. Embedded software engineers are encouraged to register now for Barr Group's popular Embedded Software Boot Camp on May 7-11 in Maryland. This one-week embedded software skills strengthening program is an intense (yet fun!) program and is designed to quickly and dramatically improve the quality of embedded software created by the individuals and teams that attend.

Everyone who attends the Embedded Software Boot Camp learns a ton, including:

  • How to write portable device drivers and interrupt handlers in C
  • How to decide if an RTOS will benefit your application
  • How to architect real-time software to ensure all deadlines are met
  • More than 50 practical tips for reducing firmware bugs
  • How to fix or prevent each of the top 10 firmware bugs

Space is limited, so to register, please go to the following website:

We feel that these types of offerings are becoming more and more important to the engineering community, and engineers should embrace the training opportunities available through hardware vendors, software vendors, and third-party organizations such as Barr Group.

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