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Intelligence…Who Cares? Show Us More Smarts!

Intelligence is cheap.  Moore’s Law has been eerily accurate since first discussed back in 1965. Processing power has increased exponentially while component size and cost has shrunk. Today we are “data rich” and getting richer, awash with more intelligent products and data streams of all sorts from sensors, cameras and other gadgets. 

But so what?

Embedding intelligence into a device or collecting data without providing the context or connection for information to reach the right people or systems is about as helpful as can of soup to a hungry man without a can opener. There is little intrinsic value to the intelligence/information if it cannot be used in some meaningful way. What is far more valuable is making devices or systems “smarter.” That is, to connect the intelligence in context to someone or system who can benefit from it.

It doesn’t matter how intelligent your systems are if they aren't smart enough to get the information to the right people. 

Software engineers, product designers, system operators….they’re all getting better about increasing intelligence in their own purview; some are smarter too, at least internally. The real benefits will come through further integration of what are still all too often separate silos of information.

Improving integration through the full software development lifecycle is one of the overarching topics through all the volumes of our Software and Systems Lifecycle Management Market Intelligence Service. An upcoming industry brief from VDC Research, Product Lifecycle Management/Application Lifecycle Management Integration, will examine some leading suppliers that are further integrating through the broader development lifecycle.

But it goes still further than that. Already, thought leading companies are starting to enable integration, not just through development, but beyond into operations and services. Companies like IBM Rational with the release of RELM and PTC with their acquisition of Servigistics are some of these thought leaders that are connecting silos and helping customers make informed decision making.

Now that’s smart.

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