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Embedded/Real-time Operating System Market - Uneven Growth in 2011 – Slower Growth Expected Over the Forecast Period

In 2011, growth in the market was uneven and the rate of growth below what VDC had forecasted from last year. Suppliers in the market expressed mixed views on the state of the market in 2011 and the challenges they faced during the course of the year.

VDC estimates that the market for embedded/real-time operating systems was greater than $1 billion in 2011, an increase of slightly more that 5% from a revised 2010 estimate. Over the forecast period we expect this market segment to grow at a combined annual rate of less than 6% per year through 2014.

OEMs have been affected by the global economy where companies have reduced staff, yet productivity expectations are increasing – doing more with less. The economic uncertainty tends to drive lower project costs (hardware consolidation, hardware platform choices, free tools and software, etc.) and cause project delays or cancellations.

VDC expects that the fast changing pace of technology and new functionality demands will continue to affect OEM decisions in a move to commercially available software platforms creating growth opportunities.

Our recently published report, Volume 1: Embedded/Real-time Operating Systems,from Track 2 of VDC's Strategic Insights 2012: Embedded Software Market and Tools Market provide additional insight and trends affecting the Embedded/Real-time Operating System market. Please contact us for more information.

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