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Happy 64th Birthday to the Bug – the First Computer Bug that is!

I was perusing the web earlier today and found this piece of computer trivia. Yes, the first computer “bug” was identified 64 years ago today and logged by Grace Hopper working on the Harvard University Mark II Aiken Relay Calculator.

I had the pleasure of meeting Captain (at that time) Hopper, in what seemed like the bowels of the Pentagon, many years ago when I was working for Honeywell’s Federal Systems Division, C3I Programs group. She was a fascinating individual full of knowledge, energy and optimism. My topic of discussion that day was the COBOL programming language. Yes, COBOL.

Getting back to the computer bug - the two-inch moth was most likely easier to locate and remove using a pair of tweezers compared to what engineers are faced with today dealing with in some cases, millions of lines of software code. So Happy Birthday to the computer bug, subsequent de-bug, and the term debugging!

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