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Mobile HR Solutions: Connecting and Empowering Today's Mobile Workforce

VDC Research and the ADP Research Institute (ADPRI), a specialized group within ADP, have collaborated to conduct vital research involving 400 midsized and large U.S. organizations to determine the current and anticipated value of mobile HR solutions. These solutions, which allow today's increasingly mobile and distributed workforce mobile access to key HR processes, represent a compelling new resource for companies and their employees. While the support of core HR processes on mobile devices, such as smartphones and tablets, is still in its infancy, early adopters are experiencing strong benefits – ranging from workforce productivity and easier recruiting to increased employee satisfaction. Additionally, over a relatively short period of time, more organizations see clear value in providing mobile access to HR services and view mobile HR as a critical function when evaluating the capabilities of next-generation HR solutions and services.

VDC’s and ADPRI’s research reveals several notable findings about mobile applications, their acceptance in the workplace, current usage, and future indicators:

  1. The mobile workforce headcount is already large and is expected to continue growing, both near- and long-term.
  2. Mobile devices, such as smartphones and tablets, are proving to be an effective means to improved worker productivity, real-time decision making, and workforce satisfaction.
  3. Employers are increasingly seeing real value in allowing employees to access their payroll and HR data via mobile devices.
  4. While current deployment levels are still relatively low, there is a growing trend within midsized and large organizations to deploy mobile HR applications (including payroll and time and attendance).
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