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Changing End-User Requirements are Forcing Field Mobility Solution Providers to Invest in Customer Engagement

Mobile computing solutions have long been deployed, and are relied heavily upon by field service and sales organizations to improve productivity, enhance decision making and achieve real-time visibility. However, VDC Research's most recent end-user study (fielded in Q2 2011) highlights an increasing interest in enabling customer engagement in field mobility among organizations of all sizes. 

While the heavy reliance on mobile computing solutions for minimizing manual and labor-intensive processes in inefficient workflows continues, organizations are closely studying ways to engage with customers throughout the process. VDC expects the demand for improved customer service to continue to increase given the effect of customer satisfaction, loyalty and referral on the increase in sales through repeat business and potential cross-selling abilities. Understanding customer pain points and delivering personalized services that build customer relationships and increase customer commitment to their company or brand is among the key requirements that should be built into the service and sales strategies of solution providers.

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