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iPad's Enterprise Dreams

During yesterday's webcast, we talked about some recent findings from ourĀ 2010 Mobile Developer survey, as well as vendor and end-user interviews.

The enterprise mobile device market is primed for significant growth as the capabilities, functions and users of mobile devices broadens. Specifically, we expect to see large growth numbers for Smartphones within the enterprise, and with it, mobile applications. In fact, mobile application developers are hot-ticket items for companies looking to mobilize their workforce.

With a fragmented mobile OS landscape for the foreseeable future and device proliferation, comes additional complexity. Companies deploying mobile applications will have to deal with supporting multiple platforms (which increases costs). But moving forward, mobile device management (MDM) vendors will benefit from this complexity. We see the importance of mobile policies gaining in importance, particularly in regulated industries, such as financial services, manufacturing, life sciences/healthcare and utility market segments.

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