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Enterprise and Government Mobility Solutions Rebound Quickly in 2010

We presented a webcast on December 15th discussing the key Enterprise and Government Mobility developments in 2010 and some of our expectations for 2011.

This year, we saw a faster than expected rebound across nearly all segments of the enterprise and government mobility markets. All mobile form factors experienced market growth this year; however, much of the attention was directed toward the next generation of slate/media tablets. Enterprise and government organizations have show strong initial interest in these new devices and are evaluating them for a variety of workflow uses and cases. However, issues surrounding I/O, management capabilities, OS support and maturity loom.

Over the next year, we anticiapte a variety of trends to shape the enterprise and government mobility solutions market. Some of the developments VDC will be closely following as part of our 2011 research calendar will include (but certainly not limited to):

  • The opportunity for cloud-optimized mobile solutions
  • The potentially disruptive impact of wireless carriers on the mobile solution eco-system
  • The continued evolution of touch interface technologies
  • Key requirements surrounding mobile solutions deployment and management practices
  • Investment appetite in both broader horizontal and vertical specific application opportunities
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