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Datalogic Celebrates its 40th Anniversary

This week, Datalogic, a global leader in the market for barcode readers, mobile computers, machine vision systems, personal shopping/self-scanning systems and other AutoID solutions is celebrating its 40th anniversary. During its infancy in the early 70s, the Company specialized in the manufacture of photoelectric sensors for the textile, ceramics and packaging industries, but via ongoing investment in in-house R&D and strategic acquisitions, Datalogic’s product portfolio has steadily expanded to include a spectrum of AutoID solutions. During four decades of operation, the Italy-based Company has also vastly increased the geographic scope of its business, expanding from its original European focus to become a truly global AutoID vendor.

While Datalogic has maintained an international presence across EMEA, Asia-Pacific and the Americas since the 80s, the Company has historically been strongest in its home European market. However, over the past 18 months, Datalogic has made a concerted effort to fortify its competitive position in the Americas, particularly within the US market. To achieve this goal, the Company recently completed two significant acquisitions—PPT Vision, a supplier of machine vision solutions, and Accu-Sort, a vendor of industrial scanning and imaging solutions.

Not only have both of these acquisitions materially boosted Datalogic’s market share within each respective technology market; they also have afforded the Company instant access to well-established regional distribution networks and new application/vertical opportunities. Via the Accu-Sort transaction, Datalogic became the stationary industrial barcode scanner share leader in the Americas, according to VDC’s data. VDC expects the Company will continue to strengthen its presence in that region as it integrates these two acquisitions and fully harnesses the operational and sales synergies they offer.

Looking to the future, VDC believes Datalogic will continue to build its presence in the AutoID markets via pursuing additional complementary acquisitions, logical expansion into adjacent/emerging technologies and maintaining its position as an AutoID innovator through ongoing R&D investment.

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