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RFID Journal Live! – Day 2

I didn't have the chance to attend the presentations today as I spent my time on the show floor getting up to speed on the new products, applications and business strategies. 

Here are some highlights:

  • The trend for RFID suppliers to partner with SIs and VARs with vertical or application specificity continues to gain momentum.  This was evident as many of these value-add providers' booths showcased their solutions as well as their partner’s products.  Impinj, Motorola, Intermec, Alien and Zebra, to name a few, were present in a multitude of other company’s booths.  This was also seen in a few press releases, most notably OmniID’s partnership with the Oil & Gas specialists C-Logistics.
  •  To quote Omnitrol, "OI is the new BI".  This means Operational Intelligence is the new Business Intelligence.  More than traditional middleware, this company’s software is really about capturing Operational Intelligence data from the core operations of a company and relaying it to the ERP and key decision makers.  Check out their web site ( for more details. This company is on my “watch list".
  • RES (RFID Enabled Solutions) is a former end-user of RFID that has crossed over.  A relatively new company, RES is making waves due to their ability to provide end-to-end solutions, rapidly and efficiently.  And their software is also novel – leveraging no APIs and capable of supporting virtually any RFID solution (open platform).  I need to research this company further, but my gut tells me that this company is for real and their value propositions are very high value add.  Another one added to my "watch list".

I could go on for pages about what I learned today but need to further prepare for my presentation tomorrow with GS1 on the convergence of barcode and RFID.  For those of you who are unable to attend the presentation, it will be available on the RFID Journal web site in a few days.

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