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RFID Journal Live! – Day 1

This year’s show is off to a great start.  Attendance seems to be up from last year and there are clearly more exhibitors showcasing a diversity of applications and related products. The show kicked off with some very interesting presentations … Avery Dennison’s entitled “Where do we go From Here: The Future of RFID Technology” is one presentation you should make a point of downloading. 

As for highlights from the show floor, we had limited time, but …

  • Motorola’s HF handheld reader could be a game changer.  The strength of Motorola’s mobile device platforms and their deep understanding of the mobile markets has cleared the way for this traditionally UHF-centric firm to enter the HF market with a bang.  Form, functionality, accessories … it’s all here.
  • Intelleflex has been reborn.  The restructuring of the company created the additional focus and drive required for success.  Their new tag form factors are well aligned with market requirements and their understanding of the cold chain will surely provide additional momentum for their new temperature sensor tag.  Check out their cold chain applications!
  • RFID ME from MTI … a small form factor USB UHF reader packaged with software and tags.  Keep an eye out for this product for a diversity of document tracking/management applications. By the way … cost is around $200!
  • Emerson & Cuming displayed their latest versions of their Read-On-Metal tags.  Want to learn more about Read-On-Metal RFID … these guys are an excellent technical resource!

While here at the show, I will continue to blog daily. Stay tuned!

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