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RFID End Users Cite Significant Operational Improvements

In a survey conducted in Q4 2010, we asked over 300 RFID end users about the operational benefits they associate with the technology.  They were asked a series of questions pertaining to pre- and post-RFID operational topics such as resource allocation, increased asset utilization, quality improvements, labor management, error reduction and process efficiencies/time on task. 

Noteworthy Data and Observations

  • The average improvement in operations for the entire user population was approximately 30%.
  • Those using RFID in a broader/more advanced capacity (supporting more than 2 applications/product types or being used in more than 1 group/division) achieved average benefits in the range of 35-40%.
  • These benefits resulted in significant positive improvements to the respondents’ companies’ bottom lines, with some larger firms citing hundreds of thousands to millions of dollars saved.
  • Based on these results, more than 70% of the more advanced users indicated that they will be significantly scaling and/or expanding their solutions over the next 24 months.
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