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Taking the Q2 2010 Pulse of the RFID End User

Today we hosted a webcast highlighting the results from our recent survey of RFID end users. Some high-level findings from the survey that were presented in the webcast were:

  • RFID spend is expected to dramatically increase by 2011, largely in order to support scaling deployments and deeper integration.
  • Although significant growth is expected for most applications, adoption of anti-counterfeiting, WIP/assembly, POS, contactless payment, shop-floor automation and people tracking/labor management applications is expected to triple by 2011.
  • To help facilitate adoption and capitalize on opportunity, suppliers should focus on:
  • Providing enhanced, measurable and reproducible efficiencies and business models;
  • Error reduction / more automation and deeper integration; and,
  • Increasing visibility in conjunction with an enhanced ability to port intelligence to key stakeholders.
  • Interest in managed services deployment is brewing because it not only offers the benefits of RFID with less risk, but it also expands the technology’s serviceable available market.
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