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Market Update & 2010 Outlook - RFID, Barcode and Retail & Transaction Automation Equipment

What technical, commercial and operational issues will you have to address this year in order to remain competitive?  To help you answer these questions (& more), we've got two great webcasts coming up next week that we wanted to make sure to share with you.  

Retail & Transaction Automation Equipment – Market Update & 2010 Outlook
January 19, 2010 @ 1 p.m. EST

  • What are the macro economic trends that will impact future investments in retail automation technologies?
  • What are retailer and b-to-c operators strategic and investment priorities in 2010?
  • Which markets segments will provide the strongest near term growth opportunities?
  • Will the upgrade/ extension market be a more important source of revenue in the current/ emerging environment? Should peripherals and accessories lines receive a greater share of sales and marketing investment?
  • How has the recession-shaped current environment impacted self-service investment? Deployment? Operation?

Barcode and RFID – Market Update & 2010 Outlook
January 20, 2010 @ 1 p.m. EST

  • Beyond the recession, what were the underlying causes of the 2009 market contraction? Was it something structural?
  • Which tech or customer segments of the AIDC market were most impacted?
  • Which market segments will provide the strongest near-term growth opportunities?
  • Where will barcode and RFID technologies most likely converge? Compete?
  • Which traditional & emerging sales and deployment models warrant serious investment consideration?
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