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I Saw the Future of Commerce

Seriously.  Maybe not THE future of commerce, as in commerce will only have one future.  But, a future that is so brilliant on so many levels, that we think it is worth its own post. and its digital wallet and vCard solutions offered one of the most compelling solutions I have seen in nearly 15 years. 

The approach is simple, but, with so many brilliant nuances, its value proposition is overwhelming.  
  1. It eliminates the need for – but not the option of – physical cards.
  2. It can be applied to general loyalty, gift and other private commercial card programs 
  3. Its core pre-paid feature enables issuers to enhance their revenue opportunities without relying on usurious interest charges. 
If this is not enough, think about the larger implications of mFoundry:
  1. Redefining the gift card business from a one-time, closed-end transaction generation engine into an account opening engine.  The accounts can be updated in real time, in various amounts, however small, to enable the gift card receiver to extend their relationship with the retailer.
  2. Redefining the pre-paid card markets from targeting underbanked, undercapitalized and marginal credit risk segments into a financial model to be considered for even the most exclusive brands.  This feature can be positioned as a benefit for select groups, not only as the entry point for new segments.  
  3. Redefining the relationship between retail growth and consumer debt.   It may be possible to grow spend per customer without those consumers incurring debt to finance those transactions. 

We have no financial stake in the company.  They are not a client.  This is not a paid post.

This is us sharing the future with you.  

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