IoT & Embedded Technology Report

Buyer Personas: The Best Way to Supercharge Your IoT Marketing

The complexity of the market for IoT products and services creates enormous challenges for the IoT solution marketer. An unlimited set of applications, a complex ecosystem of partners and channels, a wide range of decision makers and influencers, and a continuously changing competitive set can leave the marketer forever chasing his tail. Critical decisions about the content, placement, and timing of marketing messages become extraordinarily difficult in the face of these complex and dynamic conditions. Rational allocations of finite marketing resources – including people and budgets – can feel impossible to achieve and maintain. Marketing ideas-du-jour end up being evaluated and implemented haphazardly, often as a function of how loudly someone screams. In the end, the marketing function ends up feeling chaotic, and the results can fall short of expectations. When marketing doesn’t deliver, the entire business can underperform.

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