Data Acquisition - Global

by Chris Rommel

Key Findings

  • USB and Ethernet continue to be the fastest-growing protocol and wiring setup.
  • Companies with experienced and highly trained direct sales teams are performing consistently better than companies using distribution channels and other go-to market strategies.
  • National Instruments remains the leader and continues to take market and mind share; however, there are still many opportunities for more nimble companies to increase sales.
  • Vertical markets seeing the most growth and opportunities include energy (wind turbines, solar installations, natural gas turbines, hydrogen) and aerospace. Slowest are semiconductors and in-line process manufacturing.
  • Paperless chart recorders were seeing strong growth but are slowing now due to the mobile trend of sending data to a tablet, PC, or smartphone. All screens will eventually be cannibalized by a touchscreen for various reasons.
  • With mobility comes the need for more performance per watt over pure performance - power requirements, reliability, compatibility, and ease of use (minutes to green) are the features that buyers are now looking for.
  • Modular and decentralized I/O will increase in popularity, allowing DAQ and sensor systems to become smarter, more versatile, and more reliable.
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