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Security & The Internet of Things

VDC’s Security & The Internet of Things program is a pioneering research initiative that deeply explores the topic of security and the connected world. The program provides clients with insights into all aspects of connected system development, from product engineering and development to device deployment, third-party applications, and management. Clients receive deliverables throughout the year that are based upon extensive research and interaction with all security ecosystem stakeholders, including OEMs, IT managers, and security solution vendors. Clients have the ability to segment data and insights based upon technologies, geographies, verticals, and more.

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 What are some of the key questions answered by this research program? 

  • What types of security solutions are gaining traction with OEMs?

  • Which OS vendors and other embedded suppliers will attempt to bolster their own security portfolios, and how?

  • What new requirements will impact the security solution adoption practices and preferences of OEMs and IT departments?

  • What will be the most prominent internal and external risks to connected systems in the years to come?

  • How are the roles of coding and process standards evolving to address security?

  • Which authentication methods (keys, smart cards, tokens, etc.) are most widely used today, and how will this change in the years to come?

  • How are vendors incorporating the IPsec protocol within different types of encryption solutions? What are the other leading cryptography protocols used to encrypt data?

  • What are the different technologies available to enterprises looking to launch secure applications, and what are the strengths and weaknesses of each?

  • What are the unique managed security requirements for non-mobile devices, such as automobiles or manufacturing equipment?

Vendors likely to be covered in this research program







Green Hills Software


Thales e-Security




Wind River


Kaspersky Lab



Overview of covered technologies

  • Anti-virus

  • Application security

  • Authentication

  • Encryption

  • Managed security services

  • Risk assessment

Some recent insights from our ongoing coverage of the connected system security market include the following:

  • Only 36% of embedded engineers surveyed in 2012 expressed confidence in meeting their security requirements.

  • More than one-third of engineers surveyed indicated that a security failure had been discovered within their products.

  • Seventy-two percent of engineers surveyed believe that offering more secure products will increase their company’s revenue.

  • OEM leadership teams must pay more attention to security, and engineering leaders must be empowered to obtain the commercial security solutions needed to build products that are truly secure.

  • Security plans should be developed specifically for a particular product line and should incorporate software tools, internal processes, run-time components, and dedicated security software.

Major annual deliverables 

  • Quarterly VDC View reports containing key analyst insights and trends

  • Eight market analysis reports covering major connected system security solution segments and vendors

  • Analyst inquiry privileges to support your critical decisions and questions

Who should read this research?

Senior OEM engineering managers responsible for product development and deployment
IT managers coordinating M2M and enterprise-to-device connectivity
Technology suppliers in the embedded, mobile, and enterprise security ecosystems

What are the benefits of subscribing to this research?

This program provides clients with the ongoing data and insights they need to confidently make critical decisions about product, market, channel, and corporate development strategies. Use this research to:

  • Learn best practices for building secure connected systems

  • Identify underserved and high-growth market opportunities

  • Better understand your company’s competitive position and formulate winning strategies

  • Stay ahead of changes in customer requirements and demand

  • Gain access to the ideas and insights of analysts who have the most in-depth view of your markets

To learn more, contact us at info@vdcresearch.com.