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VDC offers clients the longest-running, most robust, continuous coverage of the global market for position sensors and most other major sensing technologies. For more than two decades, VDC’s analysts have looked deeply into all major consuming markets for position sensors, providing clients with highly segmented data into the market’s size, growth rate, customer requirements, and technology adoption trends. With considerable interest in M2M applications, forward-thinking position sensor venors have the opportunity to capture large new market opportunities as connectivity, sensing technology, and intelligence are added to a wide range of products that were once isolated and unmonitored. VDC’s coverage of the global position sensor market will look at trends within established markets as well as potentially significant growth opportunities arising from M2M.

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What are some of the key questions answered by this research program?

  • Which markets and applications of position sensors present the best near-term opportunities for suppliers based on customer priorities and plans?

  • What are customers citing as the most powerful regulatory, cost management, and performance improvement factors driving investment in position sensing today?

  • What enabling technologies and features are end users, OEMs, and their customers looking for? What is the purchase decision process?

  • How will customers’ broader product and vendor selection criteria change this year? What will these changes mean for suppliers of position sensors and limit switches?

  • How can suppliers employ more effective tactical and strategic sales and marketing efforts to better position their firm to compete and thrive?

Vendors likely to be covered in this research program


Balluff Gmbh


Optek Technology


Banner Engineering

Koyo (World) Encoders

Schneider Electric SA


Contrinex AG Industrial Electronics

Leuze electronic GmbH + Co. KG




Mitutoyo Corporation

Turck Inc.


iFM Efector

OMRON Electronics, Inc

Vishay Intertechnology

Overview of covered technologies

  • Position sensor deployment trends and the outlook for each sensor type

  • Customer requirements, preferences, and spending plans

  • Analysis of key issues and developments in the position sensor market

  • Competitive share, market size, and forecast with vendor analysis and discussion

Recent insights from our ongoing coverage of the position sensor market include the following:

  • Although often cheaper initially, contact sensors usually have a higher TCO due to the high cost of labor and downtime over the long run.  The enemy is wear and tear out in the field or factory due to exposure to extreme temperatures, dust, moisture, vibration, and other environmental factors.

  • With industrial development widespread in Asia-Pacific, Latin America, and the Middle East, the market for position, temperature, pressure, and level gauges and sensors should experience rapid growth in these regions the next several years.

  • New applications of position sensors in oil & gas, medical equipment, pharmaceutical manufacturing will help fuel industry growth.

Major annual deliverables

  • Bi-monthly VDC View reports containing analyst insights on important trends

  • Three market analysis reports covering proximity/photoelectric/limit switches, linear displacement sensors, and rotary position sensors

  • Analyst inquiry privileges to support your critical decisions and questions.

Who should read this research?

This annual research program has been carefully designed for senior decision-makers in the following roles at position sensor technology vendors:

CEO or other C-level executives
Corporate development and M&A teams
Marketing executives
Business development and sales leaders
Product development and product strategy leaders
Channel management and channel strategy leaders

What are the benefits of subscribing to this research?

This program provides clients with the ongoing data and insights they need to make critical decisions confidently about product, market, channel, and corporate development strategies. Use this research to:

  • Build credible business cases for pursuing new markets

  • Identify underserved and high-growth market opportunities

  • Better understand your company’s competitive position and formulate winning strategies

  • Stay ahead of changes in customer requirements and demand

  • Gain access to the ideas and insights of analysts who have the most in-depth view of your markets

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