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M2M Embedded Hardware & Platforms

M2M Embedded Hardware & Platforms

About the Practice

The market for M2M and embedded computing hardware is complex, global, and highly fragmented with a wide range of suppliers offering processors, boards, and integrated systems for an enormous diversity of applications. VDC’s decades-long coverage of this market enables us to provide clients with unparalleled insights – all backed up by extensive primary research – on the significant changes occurring within embedded computing today. Connectivity, mobility, security, energy efficiency, and numerous other trends are creating unique challenges and opportunities for M2M and embedded hardware suppliers and their customers, and VDC is exceptionally well positioned to assist in helping all ecosystem participants move forward with confidence.  

VDC's M2M Embedded Hardware and Platforms practice addresses the specific needs of multiple audiences:

M2M and Embedded Hardware Technology Vendors
For vendors that develop and sell embedded computing technology – including processors, boards, and systems – VDC provides the most comprehensive research available to help understand the rapidly changing M2M and embedded systems competitive landscape and OEM customer requirements.

The M2M Embedded Hardware and Platforms practice helps OEMs better understand technology trends related to the development of next generation connected devices, as well as the requirements of their end customers.

Enterprise End-Users
VDC helps enterprises with vital decisions in identifying, selecting, and deploying next-generation connected devices including Big Data, M2M communications, and the embedded cloud.

Institutional Investors
VDC helps private equity, hedge fund, and venture capital firms identify important trends and evaluate investment targets in the complex M2M and embedded system industry.

Research programs can be configured to meet the needs of our clients and are comprised of multiple deliverables and value-added services including the following:

VDC Views
Hard-hitting monthly analysis of key trends in the M2M and embedded hardware marketplace.

i2 Reports
Deep-dive research reports covering all major market segments within our coverage areas. They include the most important ideas and insights developed by our analyst teams.

VDC Connect
Online, searchable research delivery platform that provides clients with anytime, anyplace access to all acquired research.

Direct Analyst Access
One-on-one strategy sessions with our renowned analysts who deliver advice and commentary on critical decisions and issues facing your business.

A powerful analytics service in which clients can request custom queries on VDC end-user datasets and get real-time analyst interpretation.

Thought Leadership
Content developed specifically for Thought Leadership programs including webcasts, speaking engagements, and white papers to support sales and marketing efforts.

Excel Data
Extensive datasets delivered in a user-friendly Excel format.

FastForward Reports
Quarterly reports offering thought leadership, insight, and analysis on critical industry issues or trends focusing on what it means for vendors.

Capitalize on growth opportunities in the Embedded Hardware and Systems market with VDC’s detailed market coverage, actionable multi-layered data segmentation, and expert analysis.