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IoT Market Complexity Demands Buyer Personas

by Chris Rommel | 12/17/2015

The complexity of the market for IoT products and services creates enormous challenges for the IoT solution marketer. An unlimited set of applications, a complex ecosystem of partners and channels, a wide range of decision makers and influencers, and a continuously changing competitive set can leave the marketer forever chasing his tail. Critical decisions about the content, placement, and timing of marketing messages become extraordinarily difficult in the face of these complex and dynamic conditions. 

Observing these challenges, VDC undertook a disciplined search for tools and methods that could help IoT marketers think and act more strategically, and achieve better results. Read more

The IoT Citizen: A New Class of Developer

by Roy Murdock | 12/14/2015

What is a “Citizen Developer,” and why are we hearing this term with increasing frequency in the industry?

Let’s address the word “developer” first. We are accustomed to thinking of developers as highly technical people with formal training in engineering or computer science, buried in boards and code.

Within a traditional corporate enterprise, developers usually fall into the IT department, where they are tasked with maintaining systems, creating business applications, and allocating spending on IT-related hardware and software. The rise of the IT department grew around the need to purchase and maintain computers, servers, and networking equipment that grew in complexity to support large, dispersed, mission-critical networks and data flows. Read more

VDC Research is attending CES 2016!

by Steve Hoffenberg | 12/10/2015

VDC Research will be attending CES, the giant consumer electronics trade show and conference in Las Vegas in early January. Last year, the conference had more than 170,000 attendees and 3,600 exhibitors with over 2 million square feet of exhibit space, making it the by far the largest electronics industry trade show in the US. In recent years, the show has also become a major showcase of automotive electronics technology.

While we're at CES, we welcome the opportunity to meet with attending vendors to learn more about their embedded solutions and any show-related (or other recent) announcements. Read more

IoT Gateways Paving the Way for New Corporate Relationships

by Daniel Mandell | 12/02/2015

IoT gateways are not only connecting device and sensor networks, they are also accelerating the development of a broad variety of new corporate partnerships and collaborations between hardware suppliers and ISVs, OEMs, MNOs, solution/service providers, and others throughout the broader IoT ecosystem. The past several months have seen a flurry of activity among gateway technology providers of all sizes looking to augment their own portfolios with more functionality, integration support, industry-specific capabilities, and more. The gateway device class will continue to be a critical element of IoT solutions and enabling new channels of distribution for hardware, software, and service providers looking to enter the space. Read more

The Battle for the IoT is Being Fought in the MCU Software Ecosystem

by Chris Rommel | 11/01/2015

System resource restrictions around memory and processing power were one of the fundamental issues that first fueled the development of the embedded operating system ecosystem. Overtime, however, the relative importance of these issues diminished in favor of more robust offerings capable of enabling sophisticated user interfaces and more advanced device connectivity. Now, however, the IoT has catalyzed a new level of market demand for OSs that can operate on MCU-class devices. Read more

Embedded Processor IP Leaders Laying the IoT Foundation

by Daniel Mandell | 10/15/2015

In an effort to foster widespread adoption of their respective architectures and IP, leading embedded processor technology providers have been steadily building IoT-focused development platforms for their engineering ecosystems. ARM, Intel, and Imagination Technologies market comprehensive platforms focused on facilitating interoperability, software development, and security. Each organization is expanding on their development support and embedded hardware and software offerings in an effort to promote the reach of their respective core architectures. Despite some overlap, these leading embedded processor core architecture providers have actually embarked on fairly different paths for the IoT. Read more