Changing End-User Requirements are Forcing Field Mobility Providers to Invest in Customer Engagement

Mobile computing solutions have long been deployed, and are relied heavily upon by field service and sales organizations to improve productivity, enhance decision making and achieve real-time visibility. However, VDC Research's most recent end-user study (fielded in Q2 2011) highlights an increasing interest in enabling customer engagement in field mobility among organizations of all sizes. In a market that reached $14 billion in 2010, and with the current outlook suggesting the market will grow to $23 billion by 2015, VDC believes the growing interest in brand loyalty and how it translates into increased revenues among solution providers is significant. The advancements in technology, in combination with the availability of mobile computing solutions at a lower cost, have fueled the adoption of enterprise mobility solutions in field mobile organizations. Companies are making significant investments to improve customer service in order to gain a competitive advantage.