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VDC Research – a technology market research and consulting firm – invites you to receive FREE access to the Technology Influencer & Buyer Portal - a content delivery service with on-demand access to some of our research offerings.

With this service, VDC is engaging the end-user/engineering community with complimentary, thought-provoking content that addresses various user-oriented issues, including: industry news and trend analyses, solution ratings and rankings, total cost of ownership analyses, and more. This technology influencer & buyer portal will also serve as a forum of engagement for fellow portal users to exchange ideas and thoughts on latest industry trends and events. New content will be uploaded into the portal on a monthly basis. The platform for our portal resides in a web-based platform called VDC Connect, and users will have unique credentials to access the portal.

In exchange for portal access, VDC will ask portal users to periodically participate in panels to assist our research and inform our market analyses. Your ideas and input will help shape the industry ecosystems in which you participate.

Terms and Conditions

Please fill out the information completely. Portal access will be subject to a qualification review. Credentials are not to be shared or transferred. However, if a colleague is interested in accessing the portal, please feel free to forward this registration link. Report content shall not be repurposed without authorization from VDC. Violation of these policies will result in permanent removal of portal access privileges.

Thank you for partnering with us to help influence the trajectory of technology. Please contact if you have any questions.