The Global Market for Position Sensors - 2018 Research Outline

by Jared Weiner, with Chris Rommel, November 2017

Opportunities covered in the Global Position Sensor report include the following:

  • Although often cheaper initially, contact sensors usually have a higher TCO due to the high cost of labor and downtime over the long run.
    • Newer, non-contact technology using optics, lasers, sonar or radar may be the better solution, particularly in harsher environments. How will both contact and non-contact market opportunities evolve?
    • With industrial development widespread in Asia-Pacific, Latin America, and the Middle East, the market for position sensors should experience rapid growth in these regions over the next several years.
  • In many cases new factories are being built with the most up-to-date technology including wireless networking and industrial wire-line networks.
  • New applications of position sensors in medical equipment, and pharmaceutical manufacturing will help fuel industry growth
    • In the pharmaceutical industry, very precise process control is required, creating a growth opportunity for position sensors and limit switches.
    • Medical uses include remote surgery, and accurate patient positioning for imaging systems.

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