Industrial Color Label Printing Solutions

by Shahroze Husain, with Richa Gupta, and David Krebs, November 2016

What questions are addressed?

  • How are end users supporting their color labeling requirements today using pre-printed vs on-demand color labeling solutions? 
  • What are end users' technology of choice to support color labeling applications?
  • What are the key regulations, initiatives, and drivers influencing the adoption of color labeling investments?
  • What market verticals and applications present the greatest opportunities?
  • What are the constraints and drivers to end users' color labeling investments?
  • How are vendors setting up their product, market, and channel development strategies to engage this growing opportunity?

List of Exhibits

  • Exhibit 1: Color label printing solution adoption by print method: Pre-printed vs. On-demand
  • Exhibit 2: Primary application drivers for interest and (potential) investments in color labeling
  • Exhibit 3: Primary barriers to on-demand color label printer adoption
  • Exhibit 4: Color label printing solution adoption by industry
  • Exhibit 5: Color label printing solution deployment by application environment
  • Exhibit 6: Primary color output-types by print method
  • Exhibit 7: End user perception of the following label printing technologies
  • Exhibit 8: Importance and satisfaction with current color labeling investments
  • Exhibit 9: Vendors considered to be the leading on-demand color label printer manufacturer/brand
  • Exhibit 10: Likelihood of purchasing from the same brands in the future

Vendors Mentioned in this Report

Avery Dennison, Brady, cab Produkttechnik, Canon, Carl Valentin GmbH, Epson, HP, Lexmark, Primera Technology, QuickLabel Systems, VIPColor

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